microscope_400x400The FIRST and ONLY Phenotypic Assay for Resistance Markers

AdvanDx’s new platform allows for the detection of resistance markers from positive blood cultures. XpressFISH is a FAST and EASY to use technology which allows for resistance identification in about an hour. This assay is the FIRST and ONLY phenotypic assay on the market that allows for the detection of the active resistance gene. XpressFISH will allow hospitals to reduce time to appropriate therapy, help clinicians avoid unnecessary antibiotic use, improve patient outcomes and lower hospital costs.1,2

XpressFISH provides fast and accurate results of resistance markers 48-72 hours earlier than conventional methods. Conventional methods employ sub culturing of the positive blood culture, overnight incubation and phenotypic identification that can take days and lead to empiric therapy coverage with broad-spectrum antibiotics until susceptibility results become available. XpressFISH results are available in about an hour and this allows clinicians to optimize antibiotic therapy sooner.


mecA XpressFISH


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