Enterococcus QuickFISH™

doctor_hallwayThe Blood Culture Tested Positive for GPCPC*
Is It E. faecalis or E. faecium?

Why you need to know the difference

While E. faecalis is generally susceptible to ampicillin, infections with other enterococci, mainly E. faecium, are often resistant to ampicillin, vancomycin, or both. Since conventional identification methods can take up to 3 days, patients with E. faecium often receive inappropriate antimicrobial therapy for days leading to higher mortality and significant extra hospital costs.1,2,3

QuickFISH Provides 20 Minute Identification of E. faecalis, E. faecium and other Enterococci

  • Results 1-3 days earlier than conventional methods.
  • Allows for early, aggressive and appropriate therapy for patients with E. faecium.
  • Enables de-escalation from unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials (e.g. vancomycin, linezolid) for E. faecalis.
* Gram Positive Cocci for Pairs and Chains (GPCPC)


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