Sepsis & Rapid Diagnostics

Counting the Cost
of Sepsis In Your Hospital

1outof23 On average, patients that are treated in the general ward setting; have an average total cost per patient of $13,900. Among sepsis patients treated in the ICU, average daily costs per patient are estimated at $29,900.1

When Treating Sepsis… Every Minute Counts

Sepsis Kills by the Hour. The key to improving outcomes and reducing the cost of sepsis is to ensure that the underlying infection is diagnosed and appropriately treated as early as possible.2 Sepsis can be very difficult to diagnose. Initial symptoms include fever, elevated heart rate and rapid breathing which are common symptoms of many other diseases. To confirm a diagnosis, blood cultures are drawn to isolate the infecting bacteria or fungi, a process which can take several days. Therefore, patients are often treated empirically with broad-spectrum antibiotics until more information is available from the microbiology laboratory.

Unfortunately, with the increasing incidence of antibiotic resistant pathogens and a lack of new antibiotics to combat them, many patients go without appropriate or effective therapy for days. This leads to higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays and higher hospital costs.

1 in 23
with Sepsis3
Mortality Rate3
8.8 Days
Average Length
of Stay3
Average Cost
per Day3

AdvanDx provides a range of rapid diagnostic solutions to identify specific opportunities to improve care. Our rapid diagnostics led to 1) faster time to appropriate therapy, 2) shorter lengths of stay (LOS), 3) lower hospital costs per patient, 4) and reduction in antimicrobial use.4,5

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