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ppcFighting Septicaemia

Practical Patient Care – September 2013

“The ease of performance and rapid results makes
PNA FISH and QuickFISH remarkable tools in antimicrobial
stewardship efforts, assisting physicians and pharmacists direct
therapy for the right patient at the right time.”

clinical labAdvanDx Introduces Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Test for Sepsis
Clinical Lab Products – September 2013

NGMMassMEDIC & MassMEP ISO 13485 Collaborative Begins Certification
January 2013

AdvanceLaboratoryLogo-1Incidence & Implications of Sepsis
Advance Laboratory – John Thomas
April 2012 

Antibiotic program supersizes impact of molecular testing captoday
CAP Today – Anne Paxton
October 2011

Sepsis: Emergency (YouTube) SepsisAllianceLogo
Sepsis Alliance
November 2010

mljLabs take new role in antibiotic stewardship, championing improved diagnoses, guiding therapy, saving lives, and cutting costs
MLO – Joe Romano
February 2009

In microbiology, speedy results with PNA probes captoday
CAP Today – Anne Paxton
September 2008