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    Improving Outcomes…
    Reducing Costs

    Providing vital information to hospitals in order to treat community and hospital acquired infections, reduce length of stay and improve patient outcomes.

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    Antimicrobial Stewardship

    Providing vital information to labs, pharmacists, and infectious disease doctors to reduce time to appropriate therapy while limiting unnecessary antibiotic use .

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    Rapid, Actionable Information for Treating Deadly Bloodstream Infections.

    QuickFISH is fast enough to report the Pathogen ID at the same time labs make the critical Gram stain call. Now one call can help physicians and pharmacists make the right call for appropriate antibiotic therapy.

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    Accurate Results that Save Lives

    QuickFISH increases patient survival and decreases length of stay by providing fast and accurate pathogen ID to initiate fast and effective antibiotic therapy.

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Learn how AdvanDx can help your hospital reduce mortality, shorten length of stay and lower hospital costs for patients with critical...

img Antimicrobial Stewardship

Our rapid diagnostics reduce time to appropriate and effective therapy while limiting unnecessary antibiotic use for bloodstream infect...

Counting the Cost of Septicemia